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King’s Command


Based on a classic fantasy world, King’s Command is a Real-time Strategy Simulation Game based on the fierce power struggle between the 3 kingdoms.A huge step forward in mobile real-time strategy, Strategy- Supports real time PvP battles based on player skills and strategies through mobile devices- Enables unique, customized tech-trees through resources collected through battles- Users can select 3 heroes out of 18 as their central troops, and can also strategically run troops by customizing the organization/ratio of the supporting troops of their heroes - Up to 4 users can engage in multiplayer battles to compete their skills and strategies
A battle based on strategy and tactics, Realm- An intellectual battle that emphasizes strategy more than any other game titles- Siege Ladders, Battering Rams, Catapults and other siege weapons create a strategic thrill in battle - Controllable targeting systems that makes troops smarter and deadlier - Various heroes and item systems make plot twists and unexpected victories a reality
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Kings Command is free to play, but additional items can be purchased at the in-game shop for real money. [Kings Command requires Android 4.0 or higher. You’ll need a network connection to play.]
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